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My Response to the Apple Ads



I recently found a blog post on some guys website about how the Apple commercials are spreading incorrect information. But in my opinion, I would almost ask if the guy has ever owned a Mac since his information seems even more off the mark when compared.

(copied from – Broken?)

So Apple has been running a new series of ads on TV where a middle aged “dorky” looking guy in a suit represents a “PC” and some hip young guy is supposed to represent a Mac. Now while the ads are fresh, new and entertaining, I’m not sure if they are actually technically correct.

A few examples:

  • In “Network” the ad explains that PC’s and Macs can network together. Then they introduce a new “camera” into the picture and show that the Mac can talk to the camera, but the PC can’t. “Everything just kind of works with a mac,” they say. As far as I know, PC’s probably have more drivers written for them and are compatible with more models of cameras than Mac’s.

First off, yes, there are probably a ton more camera drivers available for PC but that’s because Macs don’t use 50 trillion drivers, they use a much more universal set of drivers, much like Linux; things just work. The point of the commercial of plug-n-play no need to install from CD or download the drivers from DriverGuide. I will note the sheer amount of time I’ve spent installing/downloading drivers on Windows. It’s brutal!

  • In “Virus” the ad shows a PC with a virus and the Mac not being concerned about getting a virus. Not only can Mac’s get viruses, it’s also dangerous for Mac users to think that they’re immune to viruses.

Show me a Mac Virus and I will show you the next ICE AGE!, I have a Mac in my bedroom that has run very well for the last 3 years straight with no viruses or bugs. My Laptop and my two other Windows desktops crash 100 times more than my one Mac; My laptop crashed 7 times this month alone because of a glitch or virus.

  • In “Better” and “iLife” the mac claims to be better at things like movies, music and pictures due to the fact that the software is bundled with the OS. While this may be true, this isn’t to say that you can’t do everything and maybe evern better than the bundled software on Mac’s with Free and Retail PC programs. The other interesting fact is that if Microsoft did decide to bundle all of this software with Windows, I’m pretty sure we’d hear the pitter patter of lawyer footsteps and the shouting of anti-trust.

I tried Windows Movie Maker and other retail multimedia software; they all crash or hang on tasks like video capture. I’m sorry, iMovie HD was really good and they were including it with the OS, a win in my book. Also, what do you mean anti-trust lawyers? Sure, Windows has many more licensing issues over Apple, but really?

  • In “WSJ” it’s amusing because they quote Mossberg as saying that the Mac is the “finest desktop PC on the market at any price.” So is a mac a pc? anyways, they go on to ask if the PC guy has received any reviews, and the PC guy fumbles at the question and makes up a fake magazine name. To imply that PC’s haven’t received favorable reviews from the media is kind of ridiculous too.

Well, yes Mac is a PC but they are likely calling the Windows guy a “PC” for many reasons. You do know PC stands for Personal Computer, right? And true, I’m sure Windows has received many great articles but many of them are skewed to favor Windows over Mac when they have likely never used a Mac for more than 15 minutes. Much like the guy who wrote this blog post. #burn

  • While I am impressed by the Mac, and their ads have always been different and interesting, I’m not sure if they’re always or ever based on fact.

On one last note, I just installed Windows Vista on my Laptop to give it a try and I notice that with every new Windows release it is looking more and more like Mac OS X. If Macs are so bad, why does Microsoft seem to want to copy their ideas?

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