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Sadly, I haven’t posted for some time now. So I’m overdue for an update to my last post about getting hired at Blockbuster. Unfortunately, the job offer at Blockbuster wasn’t as good as I first thought. The Background Check never came back and the store manager never called me back. That is until November when I lost my job at Radioshack over being accused of stealing. Apparently, some¬†product had gone missing and I was the Loss Prevention Manager’s number one suspect, after 30 minutes of interrogating he couldn’t prove anything, so instead of risking it, he decided to have me let go. Not fired just let go. Strange that he could do that without evidence. Cops were never called and I was free to walk out the front door with only my skirt on my back.

So I scrambled to find a new job and called the store back, after another couple weeks, I was hired as a Shift Leader at $8.00 per hour. Time past passed and I was not getting the hours I was promised, which ended with me getting demoted to a CSR (Customer Service Rep) at $7.50 per hour. I should have fought¬†for the position but losing out on only 50 cents didn’t make it worth my time. So once January came along, I was able to find a job as an IT tech in desktop support through an old friend. We’ve known each other for a long time, maybe since 10 or 8 hours old. It was a really great job, that was probably the first time I ever had a job that I was excited in the morning to wake up and go to. Well, only two months later and I made the mistake of being a slight bit dishonest to him about something. It didn’t do wrong by the company, I only answered a question of his out of fear. I had just come fresh out of Radioshack with a scare over the recent theft accusations, I was afraid he might try accusing me of something just like the LPM did to me that last November. Well, he found out I wasn’t totally honest and he was furious with me, demanding I quit or he would do whatever he could to get me fired. Which he had the department managers ear, so he could have probably done so. I tried apologizing time after time again but he never returned my calls. I finally got a chance to have lunch with his nearly two months later, where I apologized very sincerely but he sort of half-heartedly forgave me. Time goes by and I let it go, but soon after I find out his dad walked out his mom. Which I hear he was having a hard time forgiving him for. Funny how God will use our mistakes to test those who might be soon facing an even bigger trial.

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