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What is the purpose of my blog?



So I figured there were a few people out there who would wonder what purpose I have in this blog and how I hope to use it in the future. For about the last two years, I have felt a calling on my life other than computers. I’ve had a lot of people try telling me I should get into IT and follow a career of Internet Things. (jk Joke from the future!) After some time, I come to the conclusion that I’m called to the mission field in Japan. It saddens my heart that it’s reported that only 0.7% of the population claims to Christian and yet they have no laws that forbid it. I know deep down on how sure I am of myself because when I was 14, I can remember sitting in the CLF Young Group (i.e., Poszest), listening to my youth pastor (Who I now call my mentor) tell stories of how GOD could any day call you to the 10/40 window. How there are hundreds of people dying every day for following Christ. I sat there petrified that GOD may ask me to leave my comfort zone. But as of today, I have a peace about doing this. I feel confident in my desires and what GOD wants to do through me. Funny how Japan is technically in the 10/40 window.

Well then came the first roadblock. “What was I to do in Japan?” After some time thinking about it, I thought maybe GOD gave me the gift of computers because that where I look first. I know I’d enjoy it. I’m quite talented with them and maybe, just maybe, it would work out. I see constantly mission organizations posting for a need for IT professionals who can commit time to work in their offices. A rarely filled position since IT is such a specialty job, not many people want to do IT for free.

So then comes the second roadblock. “How do I support my trip? How do I pay for housing, food, transport, and more?” My first option would be raising funds through friends and family but unless I’m signed on to a mission organization, they will be unable to write off any donations made to me. This can be both a good and bad thing.

Then lastly, comes the third roadblock. “Learning the language and culture.” If I want to be in Japan long-term and thrive, I must learn the language. I have tried books and the Rosetta Stone software but because I don’t have people to practice with, learning comes slow and difficult.

So there you have it, a quick rundown of what I want to do with this blog. I would like to document my progress making it to Japan and record my struggles and victories as I go. Once I know Japan is a definite, I would also like to start posting vlogs, much like another vlogger I know calls it.

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