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Rsponse from YWAM



Finally, I got a response from YWAM. Yesterday, I received a phone call from someone who was claiming to respond to my letter. She was very helpful. And as I expected she said there was a huge need in the mission field for volunteer IT people. That including their Orlando office. She also said it would be easy for someone like me without formal training could get in doing IT work.

Unfortunately, she said there is not much she can do from Orlando since the place I want to go is Japan. She asked if I tried contacting anyone at YWAN Japan, in which I answered yes, I tried 10-20 different e-mail addresses from the directory the month prior and never received any answers. She said on money she could start working on the details for a short-term trip and get back with me the later next week. She also commented that after our conversation she could tell I had quite the passion for Japan. She was also quite fascinated that I’m the webmaster for two websites, and When I receive more details, I will be posting it.

In other news, earlier this week (6/7/8), I attended the wedding of my friend Robert Dolan. There I talked with Charlie O’Connell, someone who a while back was also in the CLF young group. I knew of him but never actually knew him. My most common memories of him were his crush on the same girl as me and the time he wore a dress — Costumed as a castaway Ginger from Gilligan’s Island. — to the CLF family fun night, i.e., Halloween party. He was quite interested in Japan much like myself. For a matter of fact, he got to live in Japan for about 3/4th of a year. We talked for a while and heĀ gave me lots of good advice, such as if I get a choice of where to stay in Japan, I should try staying with a host family. He said I will learn so much more about their culture and language.

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