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Back from Tennessee



So we are back from Tennessee and I thought I should officially give a quick tour of my favorite photos and highlights from the week.

So my family and I arrived at my grandparents’ farmhouse on Wednesday at around 3:30 PM, that’s pretty good having an 8 hour drive. Then the next day my grandparents officially arrived at the farmhouse and we took a day trip to Cumberland Gap.

We honestly tried to make the best of it when my sister hot herself locked in the brig for unspecified reasons. … Yeah, just kidding. Bad joke I know.

Then after that we went to Chick-Fil-A, one of our favorite places to eat, they have really great Chicken Sandwiches but not like you didn’t know that. (At the time.) We don’t have them up north and you can commonly find them in the south-east regions of the country and yes, the new Chicken Sandwich from McDonalds has to be a rip-off of CFAs sandwich. It tastes almost exactly the same.

The next day was the fourth, so we went out of got loads of Fireworks. Probably one of a greatest things I look forward to in Tennessee since Fireworks are technically illegal in Illinois.

And the remainder of the weekend, we pretty much just sat around the farmhouse. Commonly we go to a lot of places when in Tennessee but I suppose as you go more and more, the places grow over visited.

We got back home on Sunday around 7:00 PM, it was really great. But now that means we’re only 7 weeks from our 10-day trip to Florida using free air fare tickets we won from the Wendy’s cups. (Long story, don’t ask.) This year has a lot going for it.


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