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Florida trip!



It’s finally that time of the year. FLORIDA! In as little as one and half weeks we will be getting on an AirTran plane for about a 12-day vacation for my parents 25th anniversary and my grandparents 50th anniversary. We will be flying out on Tuesday the 26th in the afternoon. My family doesn’t commonly fly but this trip was the exception because my dad won tickets for the entire family through a promotion by Wendy’s a couple years ago. The story is rather interesting as my dad was eating at Wendy’s and thought to himself how cool it would be to get at least a couple tickets from the promotion so my family could take a trip to Florida. He finished and took his garbage to the trash can when he peeked inside and noted the sheer number of cups people threw away, there had to be easily 10 cups. You only needed 64 cups for each ticket so for the next 3-4 days he went dumpster diving at each Wendy’s in our town. In just those 3-4 days, he had enough cups to send the entire family including my two grandparents on a trip to Florida. They only needed to cover the tax on the tickets. Thinking back to it, Wendy’s probably had quite a few people dumpster dive for the cups, because I think they did do the promo again but they changed the rules making it harder to just dumpster dive for the cups.

So I talked with Barbra at YWAM Orlando once again and she said next week someone should call me to arrange a tour of their Orlando office in Florida. It’s a real super pain not being able to talk with people I know and shouldn’t ever be this hard to get a hold of. I’ve been trying to the last couple weeks trying to get a hold of my old friend, Josh Topper, who supposedly¬†works for YWAM Orlando. Also, a friend I made on MySpace, Shamin hasn’t logged on since June 25th. I don’t think I’ve brought her up in the past, but she lives in Tokyo, Japan, and I don’t exactly remember how I met her but it was earlier this year. But I do remember she’s a Christian and attends a local church. She said she has also worked with YWAM Orlando. Lastly, it’s a bummer Maria and Sandy have not responded to any of my e-mails.

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