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So after several months, I have finally gotten my resume into Applied Systems and got the call to come in to take the assessment quiz last week. I went in took the test and left with them telling me I should back within 2 weeks. I really need this job. I’m planning to give them until next Tuesday then I’ll try pursuing a job in downtown Chicago. I talked with an old co-worker named Debbie at Walt’s Food Center who has a son much like myself. He has an act for computers and she said he got a job as a computer consultant downtown.

This week, I’m working every night at Blockbuster. Last night was the second part of our quarterly inventory. It’s funny because we hook up these super long extensions cables to our barcode scanner and just hit each movie on the shelves. It’s sort of easier than the inventories we did at Radioshack, however, Radioshack used those handheld scanners, which made viewing and modifying each item result easier. Also, I think Radioshack did an inventory every 6 months with mini category inventories between and if there were a large number discrepancies, it would trigger a mass inventory. The first inventory we did was over at 1:30 AM last Wednesday and with the second, we didn’t get done till 3:30 AM last night. And I’m just now waking up to write this blog post.

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