Return from 12 Day Florida Vacation

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Return from 12 Day Florida Vacation



We have returned! I just got off the plane about 3 hours ago and boy was it a journey. Florida was exactly as I expected, great weather and even a couple days we had it below 80-degree weather with very low humidity. We also returned right before the schedule hurricane hits. We stayed with my grandparents the 26th through the September 1st. Then we checked-in to Orange Lake Resort near Kissimmee through today. (6th)

Orange Lake is probably one of my favorite¬†places to stay whenever we go to Florida. It’s an awesome resort/timeshare and I suggest you try checking it out the next time you visit Orlando. On Tuesday the 2nd, my parents, grandmother, and I went to a YWAM Orlando church server for staff members and guests were welcome. GOD has a real sense of humor because the message title was “Patience” and I felt like it was a message that fit into my situation. I realized I need to find patience for this dream to get to Japan. I’ve been trying time-after-time again to make this work when I need to wait and give GOD time to do it. I also got to talk with Barbra in person and meet her husband face-to-face. I so many answers and information about the YWAM outreach. I guess her husband is one of the IT guys in their Orlando base. I saw their setup just behind the church and considered it might be fun to actually join their team there.

So time for some hard truth. After the YWAM event, I got the opportunity to talk with my dad about my dream. And I had no idea until after my dad said something, that there are unfortunately many people who don’t trust me to carry out my dream of making it to Japan. And to solidify his claims, these words came straight from people who came to my dad and said so. Honestly, this only makes me upset because once again I’m not being treated like the adult I am, I’m nearly 21 years old and people are still going to my dad to say these things. It’s undermining and the last time it happened was when my bank made a mistake and my tithes check bounced at church, so the church financial lady brought the matter to my dad. I understand that until I move out my dad is technically my authority but it would nice if people could at least treat me like an adult. I guess the number one concern my friends and family brought up were if I finally got to Japan and disliked it enough that came home early. Sure, maybe a legitimate concern for anyone else but I’m serious when I say I want to go to Japan. If that had ever happened, I would kick myself so hard that even my children would feel it. My dad pointed out that unless I can prove my passion, they wouldn’t likely want to support me. Honestly, this surprises me because I would hope my involvement in local events or my¬†seeking of information with YWAM would show for at least something. He said I would likely have to actually take a trip to Japan for a couple weeks (cost upwards of $3,000) to prove it because anyone wouldn’t even consider supporting me until I at least did that. Also because Discipleship Training School is a schooling, I would receive college credits for taking it.

After this talk, starting Monday, I’m going to try looking for yet another job. In order for me to make the money I need by next year, I need something better than Blockbuster. I need a job that pays $600 to $700 per payment, even if it means getting multiple jobs combined. I go to work and get so stressed out. Honestly, it has to be the primary reason I can’t lose weight and I fear I’m going bald like my father. I can’t do this much longer.

Please pray for me, that GOD shows me the way.

As a followup to those who don’t understand my desire for Japan, I know this is of GOD because whenever I’m asked, “Why Japan?” I honestly can’t answer because there is no reason, it’s because there are too many reason and GOD will not let me get it off my mind.

I hope to upload some pictures and video from our Florida trip. I also return to work on Monday the 8th.


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