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So I’m dismayed to say it’s been a month since I last posted and I finally got an answer from Applied Systems about my the job application I put in. They told me I was not qualified for the position. SHOOT! (Edit: I don’t remember if they denied me over my assessment quiz or my actual job qualifications. But if was the ladder then why even call me in for the test? And I feel like the quiz was really simple stuff too.) Well, I’ve had several people recommend I try applying for the Geek Squad but I really don’t want to be working support directly with people. Especially with a company that takes advantage of their customers by inflating their prices to ridiculous amounts. It can be $100 just for them to show up at your front door. But I guess if I have no choice then I have no choice.

I found out through an old co-worker from my Hazel Crest Radioshack days, that the previous store manager, Jon Smith (No that is not a joke) of the Chicago Heights Radioshack store; is now working as the hiring manager for Best Buy Mobile. So it’s possible he might be able to get me into Geek Squad. I’m going to try giving him a visit tomorrow.

So today, I finally bought myself a second Kimono, this time in Block. A couple weeks ago, I also bought the undergarment for a Kimono. Now I just need to get my obi tying skill down and I will be set. I’m hoping I┬ácan get involved in another City of Osaka event soon. But this time wear my kimono.

Lastly, for this post, I finally got an estimate for fixing the convertible top on my 93 Ford Mustang. It’s going to be $1,300.00 for everything which is sad because I only paid $1,500.00 for the car and I’ve already had it for a few years. The breakdown said it would be $155 for new hoses, $1000 for a new top, and $205 for new latches. I really wish I could get the car back in 100% working order, I really like it.

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