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Black Friday



So today was the big day. My dad, brother, and I went to grab some Black Friday Deals. My dad wanted to grab up a $128 Blu-ray Player at Walmart and I wanted the $399.99 32″ AOC LCD from Radioshack. So first we went to Walmart since they were 24 hours and starting Black Friday deals an hour before Radioshack. The store was crazy and people were standing all around with their hands on the product they were just waiting to grab when the bell rang — And I mean that figuratively. I don’t think there was actually a wrestling bell to indicate when the brawl should start. — I appreciate how Walmart did Black Friday different over Best Buy. First, they had easily 10 more product in stock than Best Buy, second allowing people to enter the store early and wait until 5 am around the pallet — wrapped in black plastic wrap — of product they wanted was simply genius. This was a much better idea than the paper tickets at Best Buy because some would walk in and grab 10 tickets only to be buying 1 ticket item. But forcing people to stand by that one hot item, meant less confusion.

We walked the entire store looking for the Blu-ray player my Dad wanted. Their inventory said they had 20 or so in stock but only 6 were stacked behind the electronics counter. Since we were waiting at the counter and no one else seemed to be asking about the Blu-ray player, the lady gave us one 8 minutes early.

After that, we went over to Radioshack and got the TV I wanted. The equivalent 32″ at Walmart was normally $499, on sale for $388. But the Radioshack one was normally $599, on sale for $399 and had better features and the brand had better reviews. Also, all the TVs at Walmart were gone in less than 5 minutes. Can you believe some people were waiting since the night before for that? Yet, I arrived at Radioshack at 5:15 AM and was the first in line.

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