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Blockbuster Inventory



I just thought it would fun to post some statistics from last night inventory.

[Speed Results]
Me: 3415 items at 26 per minute
Brittany: 2244 items at 17 per minute
Adrien: 1715 items at 15 per minute
And I didn’t get a chance to write Jermain’s numbers down.

We were there from 10 PM till 2:15 AM and we still have a second night tonight.

So yesterday, our pastor, Greg Peterson, has a sermon on the three transitions of change and he┬áhad mentioned, “Ask GOD what job you should be looking for.” Then it hit me that I might be praying for a job but I might just be searching in the wrong place. I realized that I’ve been trying to leave Blockbuster not stay and I honestly don’t want to just transfer to another store, so I decided that maybe I should transfer to another department of Blockbuster. Such as the scanning or IT department. And my boss, Gwen, said she would check into that for me and see what’s available.

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