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So it’s been awhile since I last posted about this but as I said before I met a new friend, Asakichi-san, at the Rakugo event in Chicago back in June. Well, the other day we decided to do a gift exchange by mail and I got his package last month. In it, he sent me two containers; One filled with Matcha — Powered green tea, my favorite. — and the other filled with dried green tea leaves from his grandparents who grow green tea. He sent his package on October 30th and I received it on November 10th. I sent my package on the 17th and heĀ got it on the 22nd. It’s sort of strange it cost him only $7 to send me his package but mind with the same weight and size cost $22. And even worse, idiot UPS said it would cost $120 to send. So I ended up going with USPS. Why so expensive? I mean really. As for what I sent him, I sent a pound of Dunkin’ Coffee and a pound of Fannie May Chocolate with the Chicago skyline printed on the box plus a couple cheap American Flags I got for a few cents. Course that was probably stupid as they’re likely made in China. I just got an e-mail from him stating the Chocolate was already gone and he absolutely loved the coffee. He will be an awesome connection in the future when I one day finally visit Japan. Maybe he would make a great tour guide.

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