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Inauguration 2009



The time has arrived and the inauguration of Barack Husein Obama has finally passed. I’ve been watching the news since 10 AM and my brain feel like much because of all the pinheads and drive-by media going on. So I figured I wanted to make a post about my top 10 idiotic moments in politics for the past year.

11. — Because why not? — My Dad must be pretty upset about Obama getting elected because the other day he yelled at the cat, calling it Obama.
10. Matt Damon said, “I need to know if she (Sarah Palin) thinks dinosaurs were here 4,000 years ago because she’s going to have the nuclear code.” Sounds like a pinhead to me.
9. This morning, one celebrity said she wants Obama to first focus on giving access to abortion to all women around the world. Okay, I have questions about this entire world part? Isn’t there far bigger issues facing the country?
8. At a campaign event in Oregon, Obama said, “I’ve not been to 57 states, I think I only have one left to go.” I got it, Obama must be from the future when America has started conquering the rest of America, adding 7 new states to the Union. But I would point out there are 57 states of Islam.
7. In July 2008, Rev. Jackson said he would love to castrate Obama.
6. Obama said he believes in his Muslim faith but quickly corrected himself to saying Christian faith. That’s too coincidental after number 8.
5. Many people actually believe Sarah Palin said, “I can see Russia from my house.” But it was actually Tina Fey during an SNL sketch.
4. Joe Biden calls upon Missouri state Senator Chuck Graham to take a stand when the guy in is a wheelchair.
3. During the inauguration, Rev. Lowery said a prayer stating, “… Brown can stick around. *laughter* When yellow will be mellow. *laughter* When the red man can get ahead, man. *laughter* And when white will embrace what is right. …” Okay, so who is the racist now? I feel like everyone should be offended by this prayer.
2. Barack Obama bowls a 37 while attempting to woo blue-collar voters in Pennsylvania.
1. And number one; Hillary Clinton gets caught lying about coming under sniper fire during a 1992 trip to Bosnia. She later claimed she misspoke and said, “Some things that I knew not to be the case.”

Watch the classic John Edwards video from the beginning of the primaries:

Watch Matt Damon’s comment on Sarah Palin:

My final statement; Barack Obama is our president now, I will do my best to show him honor and pray he makes the best decisions even when I disagree with him. GOD save the country!

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