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So I literally just got back from the Metra station and I’m so happy, I couldn’t wait to post about my trip. And to be honest, I’m absolutely surprised how many people didn’t pass. The test was rather easy and straightforward. I want to thank GOD and everyone who prayed for me.

After the fact, I was told that I would be contacted for a final oral interview, she called a Customer Service Assessment within the next 2 weeks. — Gosh, I tell you they really take their time between doing things. — And that the interview would be either over the phone or face-2-face and it would depend on the person. Other than that, I should be able to start within the next 2-3 weeks. So keep the prayers coming and ask that I finally lock this job down. Anyways, I was unsure of how I wanted to report my day, that I decided to post my itinerary instead. Today was such as rollercoaster of emotions.

5:00: Woke up and thought the stereotypical, “5 more minutes, mommy.”
5:15: Alarm finally went off. “WAKE UP,” it yells.
5:15-5:45: Got dressed, ate, and put on shoes.
5:55: Arrived at calumet Metra station.
6:06: Train arrives and I board with no problem.
6:08: Discover the train is absolutely full. Never traveled to Chicago this early by train, I’m cramped.
6:30: Started talking with the guy sitting next to me. Turns out he works at a downtown Banana Republic
6:45: Trains arrives at millennium station. The guy who sat next to me showed me a quick exit out of the station. That might become handy for next time.
7:07: Arrived at the AT&T Staffing Center, doors are locked.

7:11: Some woman who works there, arrives and lets me in. Yay, first!
7:30: 4 others arrive.
7:45: More people arrive and 3 have been given a pass on the test for having previous technical training.
7:55: They keep promising the test will start very soon but people keep showing up.
8:05: I now count 18 people in the waiting room. I’m really getting nervous.
8:30: Finally we are walked into the test room. The room looks like a typical class room but with huge 60s style windows to the front, weird.
8:40: Fidgeting with my workspace, I’m nervous. Ready! Set! Go! Test starts, we have 50 minutes.
9:00: I’m now 50% done. I’m making a great time.
9:20: I’m now 96% done. I’m a bit confused by 4 of the questions.
9:25: Okay, I’ve figured them out, 100% done.
9:27: The same woman from before comes back and says times up.
9:30: Some older guy is really upset because the woman won’t let him fix an answer where he accidentally filled in the circle above the question. I think he’s got a bad eye.
9:35: We’re walked back to the waiting room to await our results
9:45: Honestly, feels like forever but she finally comes out to announce the results. She starts calling names with no earlier description to if these were the pass or fail group.
9:45:45: She keeps calling names, I’m starting to worry I didn’t pass. The test was fairly easy, there’s no way this many failed.
9:46:15: The guy with the bad eye is called and he wishes me the best luck. I’m starting to get discouraged; if he passed, how could I fail?
9:47: She finally finishes and I count 12 out of 18 people. I can tell the people who were called are expecting to be told they passed. But she told them they failed the test and could try again in 3 months. I’m super relieved and excited because I PASSED! But no time to celebrate because myself and 5 others were still sitting.
9:50: Were finally informed that we should receive a phone call for the oral interview between now and 14 to 30 days. “WHAT?” I ponder.
10:05: Walk into a Quiznos on my way back to the train. I needed something small, so I decided to try the next torpedo sub. Had no idea they put mustard on it. This is why I always ask now what comes on their sandwiches. Bummer man. Threw most of it away.
10:10: No one is answering the phone at home. I need to get picked up from the Homewood station.
10:20: Walked to Millenium Station and boarded the 10:30 train to Homewood.
10:30: Train leaves station, one-way ticket: $4.30. — I bet that ticket price won’t last.
11:11: Train arrives at the Homewood station.
11:15: Never got a hold of anyone so I could ask for a ride. I guess I’m walking home. It’s my fault. Besides, walking will be good for me.
11:30: Finally got a call from home. Nevermind, I’m halfway home.
11:51: Arrived safely. I’m super tired. I need a nap.

So by my calculation, passing the test gives me about an 85% chance of being hired. Sweet!

Round trip Metra Ticket: $8.60, Food: $6.20, Finally getting that new job I wanted: Princeless.


I can not honestly believe I was only 6 out of 18 people who passed the test. I must be smart. I just pray I start the job soon. I maybe have money in the bank for only three more weeks. Once I’m hired, I hear I should have about 2 months of training in Hoffman Estates. My starting pay is $13.08 per hour. — Don’t ask about the 8 cents. — And I should get a raise every 6 months. Also, did you notice that the test was actually over 3 minutes early? I’m glad I was finished early but now I feel bad for the guy who wasn’t allowed to correct his test.

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