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Quick Update



So I finally got the call I was waiting from William my contact with AT&T last Wednesday, April 29th. He said he got a hold of his contact in HR and had her e-mail me the link to finish my application, so they could start my background check. I’m not sure if that means he got me to skip a step or I’m on to the next step. I guess I will find out soon enough. I’m glad the call came because it means they didn’t completely forget about my application. I’m praying things keep moving.

On another note, I canceled my Blockbuster Online subscription and switched to Netflix to give them a try. Also, Netflix is only $16.99 compared to $19.95 for Blockbuster. I really loved the in-store exchange option that Blockbuster gave but once they changed their policy it was no longer worth it. Before you could exchange your online rental at the store for any in-store rental and while you watched that movie, your next movie in the queue would ship. But they changed it so as long as you kept that rental from the store out, they treated it like a normal online rental, making the benefit of the program nearly unless. What a shame really.

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