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Update 2.4



I got a phone call from Sylvia with AT&T Staffing on Thursday the 8th. Literally the day after the call from the guy who gave me my oral assessment. She was making the official job offer to me with some more details. She mentioned her connection with William, the guy I met earlier this year and how he kept buttering up my résumé. I guess he came through for me after all.

So here are some details:

Officially I’m paid that magic $13.08 per hour I mentioned, which is $523 per week.
Benefits include dental, medical, and vision.
I get one week of paid vacation every 6 months.
I also get a raise every 6 months, 10 paid holidays, and 4 personal paid days.
As I stated before, it is union with IBEW Local #21.
Uniform consists of a company branded button-up and long pants/jeans.

She also gave me a choice between a few different garages but she was expecting an immediate answer, so I had to choose quickly. I picked the first garage I recognized the city name, I hope I made a good choice. So besides that, I scheduled to start June 12th in their Hoffman Estates corporate office, however, she plans to ask someone today If I could start earlier. After that, I have 7 weeks of training in Westmont, Illinois.

She asked me if I accept these conditions, which I answered yes, which then I was sprung with the news I had 24 hours to complete my physical. Wow, talk about a ring of fire to jump through. That would be near impossible for someone who had to work a late night or all day the next day, especially when the clinic that handles the tests is in a rough neighborhood and is only open from like 8 AM to 5 PM. And asking your current job to let you go take the physical if out of the question if your current job doesn’t want to lose. I mean it’s like, “I want loyalty but screw your previous boss.”

Anyways, I went in for my physical on Friday the 8th and according to them, I passed with flying colors. Of course, I again find it strange that a medical test on my body is considered confidential information and I’m not allowed to receive a copy. I understand the company paid for it but I have a right to my physical health. All I have to wait for now is my drug-test results and background check. I seriously feel like background checks never come back in a timely manner. I believe I have a pretty good chance of getting hired now. I left my house at about 11 AM and check-in to the clinic at 1:10 PM. — Had problems finding this place. — The place was in some sort of industrial park right off the Bishop Ford Expressway. The weird location must be for the convenience of the truck drivers. I waited until about 2:40 PM and done at 3:30 PM. — Over an hour and a half waiting. — Honestly, they probably had me do everything test excluding a prostate exam and blood test. They also had me do my lifting evaluation and 14 sit-ups. The two doctors I saw were both white men and the therapy person was a woman. — I know I sound like I’m profiling but interesting nonetheless. Nor would there be anything wrong if they were both African American. —  The therapy woman was extremely nice except for everyone else who was really sour and grumpy like they were expecting you to cheat on the drug test or something. And lucky me, I even got the doctor to touch my ball sack. I nearly feel like I must have pulled something doing those tests because my belly has been sore since.

Anyways, I’m still praying that this all works out. I think I sort of at the stage of denial if anything.

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