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Update 2.5



So this is going to be my last post for May 2009 and boy has some interesting things happened the last couple weeks. The most exciting of them all has to be the voicemail I received from Sylvia on Friday around 1 PM, reassuring me that I had gotten the job. I’m hired! And I can’t even express my excitement enough.

Unfortunately, by the time I had seen the voicemail, it was far too late to call her back. But I plan to call back on Monday. Anyways, I scheduled to officially start June 12th, she did mention a possible opening for June 5th if I’d like to start earlier. But it might just be too late to jump on that. If I had known about a week or two ago, I would have done it because I still need to let know my previous job that I will be quitting. I also need to buy a pair of work boots and my Dad will likely have to loan me the money to do so. — Unfortunately, $150 is quite a bit of money for me at the moment. — I am still a bit nervous still because I’m getting mixed details on what the 7 weeks of training is¬†supposed to look like. I hear all textbooks from one person and tests, ride-a-longs, and few workbooks from others. So keep those prayers up, I pray that GOD can help me get through all this training. I’ve usually had a difficult time with classroom training in the past. I work Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday, 10 AM to 6 PM at Blockbuster in Chicago, then I close Friday at my normal store in Olympia Fields. And I’m done with Blockbuster. I’m considering to offer to work early next week but we’ll see.

So super quickly, here is my next two-years of plans and goals.
Officially start my new job on June 12th.
Hopefully get a new car soon after, I really need it, my 93 Ford Mustang is falling apart.
Finish formal training July 31st.
Next year, between March and April, use my built up two-week vacation for my dream trip to Japan.

And that’s it. See how unpredictable¬†my life has been for the last few years. It’s a roller-coaster.

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