AT&T Training – Day 1 of 49

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AT&T Training – Day 1 of 49



Gosh, without a doubt, when you’re not used to waking up at 4:30 AM, you sure get tired later. I’m almost too tired to even type this post and I┬ádon’t want to sleep now or I could mess up my sleep schedule tonight. So this morning, I got up, got dressed, then drove. I ended up missing my exit for the Stevenson Expressway and in stupid Chicago, the next exit is Ogden and its several miles up. This meant I had to backtrack east across Ogden, then south towards 61st street, I overshot it by nearly 20 blocks.

Once class was over, I went out to find I left my headlights on and drained my battery. I wish my car had that feature where it dings when the headlights on and the engine is off. I’ve done this many times before sadly. I tried asking anyone I could around the training center if they had jumper cables and I can’t believe how many people rely on roadside assistance these days. I felt like I asked nearly 50 different people with no luck. Finally, one of the instructors got me an old pair just laying in one of the workshops, strange place to finally find some.

After my car was running once again, I drove home. Of course, while merging onto the highway, I had to have that one guy in front of me who decides to accelerate when he reaches the bottom of the ramp, instead of before like you’re supposed to. It’s called an acceleration ramp for a reason people. He finally gunned it at the last second and my car could take the stress like that, so it spazzing out for several miles after that, making it hard to maintain speed.

I calculated that my drive is 35 miles one way, so this would mean I will use one entire tank every 3 days. I guess I might have to borrow some more money from my Dad so I can make it 10-days to my first paycheck.

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