AT&T Training – Day 10 of 49

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AT&T Training – Day 10 of 49



I have finally reached the big double digit day of my training. I just got home and I am tired. Since I have not worked a full time job in so long this job is taking a lot of energy plus the heat did not help. Today I found out that we trainees are off Friday have to work Saturday. WHY!!!.

Today I worked with someone named Mark he is cool and I found out he is conservative like me and believes the union is corrupt and he dose not trust that the union will fight to get us the best deal. The only two downsides is he is a chimney smoker and I did not like his training methods. My shirt smelled like smoke and the strong smoke smell made my insides burn. I asked him is he could smoke outside the truck but he did not care. Plus not to mention company policy prohibits smoking inside the truck. Today we did two installs and then one repair. It was pouring rain and the tornado warning were going off for an hour but stop and the HEAT returned.

Also some employees were doing some prestrike before work this morning. So I thought something happened and I was in the not suppose to be their.


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