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AT&T Training – Day 11 of 49



It sounds like a strike it quite possible. People are getting fired up and saying AT&T is being greedy. Everyone wants to get paid more and yes I believe we should get paid a bit more. But I believe it should be between $17 and $20 an hour but not this crazy $28/hr. You got to remember we Uverse installers have no education and most of us have to experience. The first thing I hear out of the typical mouth is “Well, AT&T made 4 billion in profit last year they can afford it.”. That is not a good reason you got to remember AT&T is not keeping that money they role it in to next year and use it to expand there service. Profit is progress without profit things fall apart and never work.

I heard the rating results from the Obama Infomercial today and it got 4.5 million viewers. Not do blame me. I’m just the messenger but 4.5 is not that much for how much advertising ABC and WLS had. I’m am so glad the American people are starting to wake up on how much of a bad idea this plan is. Yes, I am not the only Conservative to say the current Health Care system is messed up but there is a better plan then what the Liberals want to do.

The installer I road with todays name was Anthony. He was cool and I basicly got to do my first installer almost all by my self. I gave my input and he let me go to town and do about 90% of the install. We had no choice but to run the wires around doorways and though the wall it was a apartment with no basement access. They had a old punch down block that was not labeled so I had put a wire tracer at the cross box and find the incoming wire.

One thing I will be pushing in the next several days in my ability to get paid for referrals. I got a couple hundred door hangers I will hang on some doors in my neighborhood. If anyone is interested in signing up for Uverse please call 1.877.827.5288 or visit and use the referral code “JG092M”.

Almost everyday I see a airplane leave out of Midway since my garage is so close to the Airport. Every time I see a plane take off. I track it in the sky and pretend that I’m on that plane going to Japan. PLEASE. PLEASE. PLEASE. Pray for me that I can get though all this training and that this job WILL WORK OUT and I will make it to Japan. I believe I get to Japan SOON!!! My wish for the next two years is. 1. Get a nice new car. 2. I save enough money by June 2010 to take my 2 week trip to Japan. 3. By June 2010 own at least one property and collecting income by renting it. 4. No later then late 2011 have to ability to leave AT&T to pro sue rental properties and follow my dream of Japan by taking frequent mission trips in Japan… 5. By 2015 get married. (Hopefully my dream Japanese Wife.) 6. By 2020 build or live in my dream home that looks just like or is just a Modern Traditional Japanese House… LIVE ON!!!

As you can see in the Image above that North Korea is so close to Japan and if war brakes out between Japan and NK making travel difficult I would be so upset.


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