AT&T Training – Day 13 of 49

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AT&T Training – Day 13 of 49



I finally got my paycheck today and it is big. Much bigger then I expected. Yesterday my dad upgraded to the iPhone 3G and yes I know its the old one but it can do the same thing as the new one except for the specs. I now know I want to upgrade to the iPhone 3Gs. I know I will do that with my next paycheck.

Training again next week.

Today by accident we left a traffic cone in front of the truck and ran over it. Once we noticed the cone missing we went back and found the cone in the middle of the road with two teens poking at it. The guy I was with went to get it and there was a LARGE tire track on it. LOL!!!

I rode with Anthony again we did two installs and one repair. My mom put my referral cards on doors in my neighborhood. I made a deal to split the commission with my mom. Things are looking up.

They took the vote and yes we are going on strike if the contract is not renewed by monday. The drivers have to return there company issued belonging to their lockers every night. What a pain. More details to come. I can not wait till next year let along end of July!!!

I just watched a few episodes of a Anime called Chobits and I think its a real funny Anime. I love the theme song. I’m thinking of buying the series on DVD but it is over $100 for all the episodes.

I’m trying to include pictures with my post again but I would like to insert videos down the road.


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