AT&T Training – Day 14 of 49

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AT&T Training – Day 14 of 49



Today was day 14 (Week 2) of my 49 days of training. I can not wait till this is over. I am not to happy with this new instructor. It seems like he dose not jokes and he is very serious about the tests. I know and hope he is joking. Last weeks instructor is is building training modals like the one below at a different center. Hope he will be back next week.

AT&T Westmont U-verse Premise Wiring Class Room. Live U-verse Feed in Class.

I finally got my paycheck yesterday. We had the biggest problem finding my check because it had my managers name on it with my name in the corner. Because she had me work Saturday instead of Friday and I am not going to drive 45 minutes just to pickup my check. But because my bank closes at noon I have to wait until Monday. It is a good thing my mom offered to take my check to the bank. I have a few things I need to pay for. 1. Ties. 2. Almost $100 for Gas owed to my Dad. 3. Food/Lunch for the next two weeks. 4. Cell Phone. 5. Razers and Body Wash. 6. Upgrade to the new iPhone 3Gs. 7. Build a new server. (Maybe next check).

I went to the AT&T store and was able to get my 18% discount on my cell phone bill. I said something to Joe my class and he says you can not get any employee discounts until 6 months but I got it and my Manager says I can get my U-verse discount after my 6 months of after I signed up. So I have 2 months left. Maybe he is getting that mixed up.

Hope this week goes quick.


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