AT&T Training – Day 15 of 49

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AT&T Training – Day 15 of 49



AHHH!!! This is driving me crazy. Our instructor tells us one thing then another. A good example is yesterday and today he says bring your thumb drives and laptop so he can give us the powerpoint files so we can follow the modules easier and easy access for out tests since the test later this week is open book. But then yesterday someone in my class walks up then offers to hand him his thumb drive for the files but then he says we will take care of it tomorrow. So I ask him today if I get the files and he says I will give them to you after class so I ask again after class to hear him say after class meaning the end of week. I do not know about you but to me saying END OF CLASS means when we are ready to go home. Besides what about him saying it will help us with out tests. I claims if he gave us them we will take them to AT&T’s competitor and say this what they are teaching. Truly that logic is flawed. First would we do that. For how hard it was to get into AT&T and how intense the background check was being a double agent for Comcrap would be a major operation plus all the cover up and LARGE pay for risking getting sued. Later this week we also have a PASS/FAIL test he says you fail you are gone. NO SECOND CHANCE. WHY? He says you must know this but then says it take you a year to remember this. This say one thing then another and this contradiction thing he dose really messes up our expectation of the week. At least we found out he will not be teaching next week. Someone named Bruce will teach us. Well, Three days left then we will be going to Tennessee. No word on the strike but they keep on talking. I do think it would be cool if they strike well I’m gone. I know it would be tight but it would be cool to get a day or two more in Tennessee.


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