AT&T Training – Day 16 of 49

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AT&T Training – Day 16 of 49



Our instructor does it again. We had a customer service test today and several steps of greeting the customer we had to do. I say I got a perfect score but he dinged me on two stupid things. First he said at the end you did not ask me to turn on my TV’s. That was not even on the test as a required step he said to say it two hours earlier. How am I suppose to remember that. He said follow the steps. Then second he dinged me for shaking during the test. Come on I was hungry (All I had was bagel that morning) and nervous because this is a pass/fail test. Of course I would be nervous. This is a one of one chance not a typical one in hundreds of customers that I would really deal with.

The one hard thing to this do-it test is we have to wear all the safety equipment and I tell you who is going to wear a hard hat in someones house and second who will where safety glasses well making coax cable or almost anything. They fog up and you can not see a thing.

Who ever invented the Telephone Company’s names for equipment and parts must of had a job at a gentleman club or something because there is a ton of words that sound like they relate to sexual or drug things like 1. Butt Set (Say it 10 times fast and see what end up saying.) 2. Then there is POTS (Plain Out Telephone Service) and more but I can remember then right now.

Two good reminders for inside house wiring is tip-top and right-red-ring. The tip wire is on top or left and the ring wire is on the right or bottom. Also red is a ring color since it is the first color in the column.


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