AT&T Training – Day 3 of 49

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AT&T Training – Day 3 of 49



So another day, another $100 bucks, as I’ve come to say. I’ve already made about $400 since Friday, meaning I’ll have at least a nice $600 paycheck next week. Today was the driving part of my training and my instructor was incredibly laid back today. You could tell he was already tired from the last couple days. He said they used to start classes at 8 AM and one day they decided to change that on him without much notice. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t mind getting home earlier than usual but it goes to waste when I come home and I map for nearly an hour.

The hands-on road part of the test was super easy, you were only required to drive 3 miles, don’t die or kill someone and you essentially passed. We took the test in pairs of two and myself and this other guy went first out of 6 people. It was so easy that when we got back, we joked with the others that the test was super intense, we had to do all these maneuvers, and the instructor was yelling at us for every mistake. And hilariously, the others believed us. Boy were they surprised. We were laughing like crazy after that.

We also practiced putting coax and CAT-5 ends on cable for an hour, that’s why I say the instructor was quite laid back. I actually already knew how to make both, but since all my CAT-5 seemed to refuse to work properly, the refresher course of a good refresher and the instructor’s pointers helped a lot. So now I can make a perfect cable every time and my leads are always just right. Still, don’t understand why some people make these super long leads and never trim them before crimping the end. That’s not the way.

Tomorrow is another day!

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