AT&T Training – Day 5 of 49

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AT&T Training – Day 5 of 49



I am now officially certified by the American Red Cross to administer CPR. I am glad today is over with and done. Now I got a two day weekend off. Then report on Monday to my garage for my first week of ride along. Today we got to play around with some Uverse Systems for about 1.5 hours in a different class room since CPR was all we did today. It did not interest me to much since I have Uverse and Know most of the ins and outs. The training center had a iMac to show installers what they look like but my instructor said most installers must ignore mac. He said they had two macs but for some reason one of them has gone missing. Plus a computer……..and…….All the HDML Cables…I think they need to look into that….YEP!!!. So any who the mac had Mac OSX 10.4 and had almost two gigs of updates to download. I wish I was done with training since it sounds like the rest of my training is going to be stuff I already know about Uverse.


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