AT&T Training – Day 8 of 49

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AT&T Training – Day 8 of 49



Today was my first right along day and it was not so bad. My manager is nice and get along with her so far. I was a bit disappointed the guy did not let me be more hands on then I wanted to be. Like our instructor said these guy was not care less if you sat in the truck all day.

I asked to do stuff but he kept denying. Today we had a large install of 6 Set Top Boxs, Internet and VoIP. AT&T Allocated 8:53 (9 Hours) to this install we got it done in 7 1/2. We got 3/4th the way though and the installer got a phone call the person on the other end told him his Uncle Died (He called him his god father.). We were done before quitting time which would mean we would go on to a second install at 3:30. (he said there was still 25 installs left in the pot.) He called his manager who said he could go home early and she sent me home to. But I could be getting over time the rest of this week.

I NEED A NEW CAR!!!. I was on my way home and out of no where my car quit on me 3/4th the way home. Plus I got me self stuck in the turn lane. Finally a cop came and called a car with pusher bars. He activated the emergency signals on the traffic light and then was about to pushed me into the wendy’s packing lot down the road then the cars in the right lanes tried to go since the light was green but the jeep cop (The first cop) ran up in front of the cars honked his loud horn at them. (Sounded like a ambulance horn.) The cop pushed me in the parking lot then drove off.

If anyone has some good leads on a newer Mustang Convertible for under $5000 please let me know. My dad and me went to a dealer in Calumet City on Saturday and they had a 2005 Red Ford Mustang Convertible. So it had the new body style for $12997. It was over my budget but if I was approved for a good payment I would have taken a deal like that since I am making good money with AT&T. I should be getting a $500+ paycheck on friday. SWEET!!!. The dealer said I did not even score but he said they use TransUnion but Experian came back on my credit check with a 643 score.


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