AT&T Training – Day 9 of 49

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AT&T Training – Day 9 of 49



Well, Not much to say about today. Today I had some guy by the name Marcus. He was cool and seemed to have better control over the situation and was able to give me a whole lot more to do well plus not to mention a 8 Set Top Box Setup…WOW. So far the last 2 crossboxs I saw had 1/3rd new wire code (yellow/black) meaning 1/3rd of the people in that box were on U-verse already. The lady was real nice she keep offering us food but because of company policy had to turn it down. At one point she ask how we worked for 9 1/4 hours with no food. But after that Marcus went to a deli on Archer and Charleston in Willow Springs and they had some really good sandwiches. I got a three meat and two cheese sandwich on wheat and man it was good. This place looks like it been there for 100 years. Hope places like that never close. Willow Spring looks like Cape Cod.

The guys at my work keep telling me that we will be one strike next week and are so worried. I’m not worried about it. There is nothing threat until the 27th is here. I heard though the grape vine that the Union dose not pay you for going on strike but only expects you to show up one day a week. I think to many follow way to close to the Union they act like they work for the Union but they need to realize that its AT&T they actually work for. Mostly these are new guy who get the job and they run around shouting “I’m in the Union you ****** ******”. (Yes as you can guess the people at my work use words like that all the time. Surprised they can hold back around customers.) It will be quite interesting if we do end up going on strike and because of it I get to go the Tennessee the whole time my family goes.

I found out a new guy yesterday had an accident and fell though the customers attic ceiling. he scraped his sides falling between the rafters and was rushed to the hospital. No word on his condition and in other news my paycheck will be coming this Friday…YAY!!! I keep telling myself the prize for doing this much work is JAPAN next year.

まにかかる まろ あす (menikakaru maro asu),

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