AT&T Training – Day 18 of 49

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AT&T Training – Day 18 of 49



I am so happy today to over. Now I got a three day weekend to enjoy Fireworks. I can also take a brake from updating this blog every day…… Now don’t get me wrong I love typing my blog I just am not use to posting this often.

Tomorrow at 4am will be leaving for Tennessee. I can not wait. Bummer I only have one whole day down their. We are/I am taking Megan Car so I can drive back on Sunday night to be back in time for class room training on Monday. I sort of wish this strike would happen over the weekend so I could at least get one more day in Tennessee.

So here is the test results for todays test.
Brian 94
Dan 95
Chris 96
Demetrius 97
Me 97
Joe 98

My install was perfect except for I forgot to DRESS my wires in the crossbox which I lost a whole 3 points over. one point for each wire end. stupid. I did not even remember him say dress your wires. According to him he said couple other people did it so they set the requirement other wise he would not care. Everyone else lost points over small things at the install like scraped wire and lose connections. But at least no one failed.


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