AT&T Training – Day 22 of 49

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AT&T Training – Day 22 of 49



I’m two and half days away from the halfway point of my AT&T training, as far as classroom training goes; I only have a few days left before I start my ride alongs. Then I come back for 4 days of VoIP and IW training, 2 days each. And then I start yet another week of ride alongs.

We got a new instructor just this week and what I find the most interesting is he is Japanese. He told he doesn’t know very much about his origins because he was adopted at a very young age. I’ve always found it interesting that Asian people can usually tell the difference between their races, however, as expected, he claims to not have to ability. I just find it interesting, I mean I can generally tell the difference between different caucasian races but even I get them confused, but that’s also likely because I live in the US.

So this week we had to learn the basic ins and outs of AT&T U-Verse. We had to learn about how to customize the AT&T Yahoo! Homepage and use the remote control, then learn how to teach our customers that. This is our last pass/fail exam and then we’re officially on the record as official AT&T employees. Besides the remaining training I previously brought up, we’ll have to come back and take an advanced troubleshooting course which sounds fun and not, at the same time. This might sound odd but this week has mostly been us just sitting in class and watching movies. I easily watched 6 hours today and I’m done with TV for a while now. This course is generally targeted towards employees who don’t have U-Verse at home and have no clue how to use the service. This does me no good since I have U-Verse. The company allocates a large amount of time to this training and the instructors aren’t allowed to just send us home, so they just allow us to bring DVDs and laptops to class. I made the mistake of only bringing one DVD.

Anyways, my parents will be home later tonight after 9 o’clock and I few other things to do. So I have chicken in a frying pan that needs my attention. So here is to my future!!!

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