AT&T Training – Day 28 of 49

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AT&T Training – Day 28 of 49



So today was my first ride along, as part of my new employee training. I got assigned this morning to ride along with Milton.

So I got to the garage this morning and found they changed my manager again. They switched from Angie to Justin, I wonder why they thought it necessary to move us around so much.

Yesterday, Sunday, I did a couple repairs to my car such as install a new alternator and top off the transmission oil – I expect it will fix my main problems. I was able to drive my mustang to my work garage this morning for the first time since I started. A couple weeks ago my car stalled at a traffic light and cop had to push my car into Wendy’s parking lot; as I pulled up to the traffic light today, I prayed that my car would make it home okay and thank God it did.

Last Saturday, I looked at a couple cars from car lots in my area. I’m debating between two cars, 2004 Ford Mustang Convertible (which would be a step up from my current Mustang), or the Hyundai Santa Fe. I am for some reason a bit more particular about the compact SUV and I like it because it’s a somewhat bigger vehicle, so transporting stuff would be a problem. Also, it gets 21/25 MPG, which is what my Mustang already gets – so really no loss there. Sadly, however, I have like no credit and no one will approve me without a co-signer and my Dad said he doesn’t want to do that. So I guess I’m stuck with my Mustang for a couple more months. I just hope my Mustang holds out until then.

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