AT&T Training – Day 29 of 49

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AT&T Training – Day 29 of 49



So today was crap and I’m so frustrated, while also relieved it’s over!!! I got stuck riding with Mark again. He’s not bad to ride with but I have two major complaints about the guy, first, he smokes like a chimney and second, he’s easy to anger when I make a mistake or ask a question to reinforce my knowledge. I had asked him if he could ease up on the smoking since it bothered my lungesĀ and heĀ just ignored my request, possibly even smoked heavier because of it and the window wasn’t really an option, it’s hot out this time of year. He just tends to treat me like crap and I really dislike it, he even made up some crap about me “playing with myself” while snoozing in the truck on the drive back to the garage.

Anyways, today was my second day driving my car and thankfully it ran for the most part. The engine is skipping and stuttering and my Dad says it’s a advancing issue, however, since my car has two distributors he is unsure how to fix it.

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