AT&T Training – Day 30 of 49

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AT&T Training – Day 30 of 49



So hooray, today marks 30 days into my 49 days of training. That means I have 19 days or 2.5 weeks left. Today I got to ride with a guy named Ralf, he also smokes and causes me to feel like I’m going suffocate since yet again, I can’t roll the windows down. Because so many techs force me to just watch them work, I had asked if he would let me be more hands-on but of course, he proceeded to give me the tidiest tasks that no one wants to do, which was replacing all the coax ends while he connected up the 2Wire Gateway, which was exactly what I was hoping do in the first place. I’m not complaining but how will I ever learn anything if I’m just used to do the stuff they don’t want to do? There is a huge difference from classroom training and on the job, isn’t that the point of the ride alongs? I need more experience with the NID and Gateway.

I honestly can’t wait until I have my own truck and tools. The garage supervisor said she had an IFD (Laptop) and SecureID Tag but she said she is not giving it to me just yet, which I think is because of our contract renewal coming up and everyone keeps talking about the possibility of a strike happening. According to my instructors, I will need my stuff next week for my final week of training. I can’t personally learn how to use my IFD until I have it in my hands.

I can’t wait for this job to become permanent and then I can focus on just working, coming in doing my jobs and going home, no more annoying ride alongs and no more classroom training. I eventually still want to go to Japan, which my two weeks of paid vacation will help make happen, and I’d like to buy my first rental property. So get it together!!! <- Future note: there is my Princess Anna side speaking out. 🙂

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