AT&T Training – Day 37 of 46

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AT&T Training – Day 37 of 46



Well still no word about Friday, I hope I’ll know by tomorrow. I’d like to know if I’ll be expecting to drive to Westmont or Bedford Park on Friday. If there is no class for Friday, I might ask my manager if I can just have Friday off.

So today was the first day of the IW class and the stupid thing is that this class is near identical to the class we had earlier this week. It’s a bummer that other techs have to spend an entire week doing this class.

So a while back I started a website called JMPetProducts and I got a drop shipping account for pet products, so I wouldn’t have to stock an inventory. For the most part, I hadn’t received any orders since and then randomly today I got two orders, just out of the blue. But what’s even more interesting is the first order was for four copies of a book written by Jack, a very my family has known from our church for several years now. And the other order was for a bracket for a fish filter that strangely I can’t find on the drop shippers website. After this order, I decided the raise the price on the books because I’m not making a profit from the books and I have to drive to Jack’s office to buy the copies. And I don’t even think he has these books for sale online, so that’s probably why I get so many orders for them.

So I also got an e-mail from Asakichi-san from the rokugo event I volunteered at recently, he told me he is sending me some green tea that’s grown by his grandmother. So I’ll have to think of a gift to send in return. I like making a connection with Asakichi-san because I hope to visit Japanese one day and it would be really awesome to get a personal tour from a friend.

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