AT&T Training – Day 41 of 44

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AT&T Training – Day 41 of 44



So as promised I got my┬ácompany truck today and I feel so much more official now. I also got my manual tools which are like the icing on the cake, all I’m missing now is my IFD (Laptop) and JDSU (VDSL Tester – which believe it or not, is like a $5000 tool.). There has been like 8 other new technicians in my garage and sadly I was the one who got a used truck, the rest of new trucks. Normally this wouldn’t be a big deal but as soon as I got in my truck, I nearly choked to death because the previous guy was a heavy smoker. I wanted to ask that something was done about it but I’m always too afraid to say something. Maybe some air fresheners will help. The company should make techs pay for the cleaning if they smoked in the trucks, seems like a health hazard to be passing trucks around without doing so at least on the companies dime. It’s actually against company policy to smoke in the trucks. Anyways, Monday is my first official day. I’m really excited!

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