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Update 5.1



So I think I’ve finally found my new car! On Friday my manager called and asked if I wanted Saturday off. Since I wasn’t feeling so great, I decided to take the offer and that morning, I asked my dad if we could go car shopping at the Matteson Auto Mall. We finally ended up at the Planet Honda dealership and had a look around. They were as expected were very nice and upfront about the price, they even gave us a price quote – which strangely also included the price they paid for the trade in. The last dealership we went to a while back was huge jerks about the price and won’t even give us an estimate for a car without running credit, it didn’t make my dad so happy and we walked that day. Anyways, I highly recommend Planet Honda to anyone looking for a new or used car.

Before long we test drove three cars – the Hyundai Santa Fe, Honda CRV, and Toyota Rav4. I’ve considered the Santa Fe for a while now, but after I drove the Rav4, I’m in love. Can’t think of very much I dislike about the car – it’s compact, feels good on the highway, and gas mileage is decent. Again, the dealership didn’t push us to run credit and in the end, we have the Rav4 on loan until Monday. After I got to drive it some more, I’m pretty sure this is the car for me. We’re going back to the dealership after work on Monday to make them an offer. They paid $8,500.00 and are asking $9,988 – which is honestly a steal when the car is in near perfect condition and has only 67,000 miles. I never thought I would fall in love with a car that I wasn’t looking at in the first place nor did I plan on making the visit until the last minute. And even better yet, the car is a Japanese car, made in Japan too. I opened the door to the car this morning and a Japanese beetle flew out, I made a joke about it being a sign that it was my car.

So I finally got an answer on when I should be going live, my manager said September 1st – this should have happened already, so I can’t wait.

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