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Update 5



So back to your regularly scheduled programs and as per usual there hasn’t been much as far as new developments, in life or my new job. Sadly, I’ve still not gone live and as of August 1st, I have yet again another manager – I really wish they would just give me one manager and call it a day. He was transferred in from a different garage and he claims that nothing gets done around our garage – sounds like a guy with big plans that will just disrupt everyone and still not get anything done. He said he really wants to see me go live, but my old manager, Justin, claims that the managers have to have a meeting to decide. This actually makes a bit angry because what are they even talking about? A meeting, AT&T thinks I’m already live, so why do they have to discuss it?

So today at church I talked with someone about my job and ended up getting on the subject of my love for anime and Japenese culture. After I had finished, I found out his son and son’s friend love to draw Anime. I got to see his son’s art, as well as his friends, and it was very impressive. Seeing it, I encouraged them to pursue their dream of drawing and afterward, his dad came up to me and thanked me for being so encouraging. It actually made me proud to know I influenced someone positively.

As for my recent move to my sister’s bedroom, I’ve noticed that my family is now using my computer and tv as if it belonged to the family. And worst of all, someone spilled something sticky on my keyboard and is giving me a workout trying to push the buttons. Because of my keyboard is sticky, I’m going to make the rest of this post quick:

The Job; still not live!
My Health; got hit in the eye with a rock that was swung by the lawn mower on Tuesday, it was better the next day thankfully.
The Politics; still corrupt!
The Paycheck; was shorted travel pay for the last week of training to Westmont.
What anime an I watching; The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya.

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