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Update 6



Well September has come and gone now it is time for upcoming Fall Fun to begin.

I regret to inform my blog reader that on September 26th I was rear ending in my AT&T Truck. As much as I was trying to be a good little tech bad things just seem to find you and I know what you all are thinking “But it was not your fault you got read ended”. Well, Even though the cops say the other guy is at fault. AT&T does not care and is out to get me. I will summarize what has happened so far. That afternoon around 2:30 I just got done with a Install on Pershing in Cicero (For all you direction savvy people) and tried dispatching for work but our system said no work was available well I was very hungry since I had not eaten breakfast nor lunch so I figured I should take the opportunity to get something before I call dispatch. I drove to a place called Freddies on the corner of Pershing and Harlem. Unfortunate for me the parking lot was very tight and all the open spots were to shallow for my truck. So I decided to find some where else to eat. I ended up driving south and since I needed gas I stopped by the gas station south of Archer and Harlem. On the way there I noticed the Arby’s on the left side of the road so I decided to go there on the way back north. I made a left out of the gas station heading north. Immediately after Archer I changed lanes into the right lane after knowing that the lane was clear and the car was truly at least 100ft behind me. (During all this I did use my turn signal) As I slowed down and start turning right and as I was half way though my turn BANG the guy behind me hit me in the driver side bumper pushing me 10 ft forward. We pulled in the lot ahead and waited an hour for Chicago police (Yippy, For all places for a accident it was in the tail reach of the city of Chicago.). The other driver told the cop I cut in front of him. I have the feeling that he did it on purpose since at first he claimed that he was aware I changed lanes. The guy barely spoke English and called some other people to the scene. At first he was asking me “DO YOU HAVE INSURANCE?” I told him it was none of his concern. Then later he asks me “DO YOU DRIVERS LICENSE?” by that point my manager showed up and told him we were going to exchange information with the cops not him. When the cops showed up and asked us for Driver License and Insurance I handed it to them and who ever this lady was he called asks the cop “Does he have a Drivers License?” What is this mexico? Is this reverse racism. (OH YAH!!!, Thats right Obama said we were a Muslim Nation so I guess you can now question if a Natural Born American is legal. OK, I’m done with that. And yes that is what he said please don’t try to justify it. He said what he said.)

So now fast forward to the next morning as I am told that Monday I will have a meeting with our safety manager. I come in Monday and man that guy questioned everything I did that day for hours before the accident. The come to this morning when I am delivered a 3 day Suspension Notice for the accident. (WHAT?) My managers beat around the bush as they claim the accident was preventable that is why and this is really the only reason why Unions help is my Union Rep disputed the suspension and asked how was it preventable? And they claim I was 2.8 miles out of route. My Union Rep asked “Put a paper in front of me and show me where it says he can not go 2.8 miles to get lunch. All it says is he has a 30 minutes for lunch if he is their and back within that time.” So he disputed it and got to put off until next weekend. He said he will not agree to it unless he sees indisputable proof that the accident was preventable. So soon I will find out if I really am suspended.

On a litter note a friend of mine told me about a Christian Conference next weekend at a Evangelical Church in Arlington Heights about reaching the Japanese for Christ. I CAN NOT WAIT. I requested it off so I am going. Please if anyone what to come with me it is October 10th, 2009 at 8am. Registration is $35. Details Here: http://rjcmidwest.wordpress.com/conference-info-1/.

Sorry for not uploading picture of my Toyota RAV4. Hope to add some soon!!!


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