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November Update



It always amazes me how fast the year can come and go. Before I know it I’ve worked 5 months at AT&T, Got a new used car, It’s getting cold outside and I’m almost 23 years old. (Most scary of all.) As I mentioned before my union is filing a grievance over the whole suspension thing which was approved. I got my paycheck and was only paid for two of the three days. Will let them know. Our stewards said that our garage almost never fills grievances and not because we have no problems it’s just a lot of employees are ignorant. They said if a manager says your BAD numbers out loud or you work more/less overtime then everyone else on a regular basis then that is a grievance. Yesterday I was on 111th street and at 4pm (quitting time) my manager sent me to the other side of our area for a simple 1 box install. Over a 111 blocks away. Took me an hour to get there and once I got there a text message went out saying all AM tech could go home. Something was wrong when he said that there was still tons of jobs left. I did not get home until 10 o’clock and yes I do get paid for it but I really don’t care about that.

The weather is awesome but we have rain scheduled for tomorrow.

This morning I heard the news that the house on Saturday at 12am passed the Nancy Polosi Health Care bill the most radical of them all with the public option and more!!!. The government is now one step closer to controlling all aspects of your life. You may ask how Socialized Health Care controls our lives? Well, Once the government is paying for all your health care bills they will use that as a excuse to dictate what you eat plus how and when you exercise. Imagine going to Wendy’s and ordering a Baconator but given a salad instead and when you ask why they say you failed your health exam “It’s The Law!!!” or how about getting a letter in the mail say you have been automaticly scheduled for a routine Health Exam. It’s bad enough getting a drivers exam or jury duty. This is just one of the several reasons why Socialized Health Care is not the way to fix the Health Care Issue. We could cover the uninsured for far less then a trillion dollars. At least the Senate has not passed it yet. Watch this cartoon I found from 1948 about government take over of the private sector.


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