Happy CHRISTmas?

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Happy CHRISTmas?



CHRISTMAS is tomorrow and everyone is my house is excited and can not wait until its gift opening time. I’m at a complete lost on what I can expect to receive since I never made any requests but I am more excited about what I got other people. In which I will post a complete list afterwords.

Well, couple weeks ago I found out that I had been taken off of Christmas day and instead had the day off. That is good news for me since my family enjoys Christmas together. Today I discovered that Best Buy now has a Anime Section. Which I guess that is a sign that Anime is becoming more and more popular everyday. On that same subject I want to let people know that I have decided to start my own website dedicated to reviewing Anime & Manga with a christian point of view for people who want to have a better understanding of a titles content before blindly watching or even buying a title. My new website is http://www.getpluggedanime.com. I know the address is very similar to the http://pluggedinonline.com that reviews American Media from Focus on the Family. So please if you are a otaku or any type of anime fan please visit it. I’m also interested in finding volunteers to assist me with reviewing title. If you are interested please contact me.

So here it is
Happy CHRISTmas

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