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Update 7



At the beginning of this year when I decided this would be my year of growth in which I was correct. In this year alone I have got a new job that’s paying me more then any other I have ever had. I also got a brand new(USED) car. I’m still wondering about next year though.

In three days I will have OFFICIALLY hit my official 6 months and my boss can finally drop that silly excuse of why I can’t do or have things and I will have my first week of vacation available for my long desired JAPAN TRIP. My Union Stuart said I have a total of 13 days off (7 days vacation, 3 floating and 3 personal. I think!) So I had her project them into June. It still is not set in stone but if June works then I will take all that time off in June before June 12th and then I will immediacy take my next set a vacation days off right after that. So I will have a total of 26 days available to enjoy Japan. I better have enough money saved up. $5000 Minimum… I guess I will stop hoping for other people to help me out in my quest for Japan and I not talking money. I’m talking Support. Yes, My parents, Grandparents(Dot and Gary) have been the most supportive but people like my Grandparents on the other side sort of disappoint me with their WHY JAPAN??? attitude. They ask why not just settle down with a American Wife and exceed in your job till they put you in the grave… NOOOOO… I have never been normal nor am I willing to accept normal. If something is normal I make it abnormal on purpose. I have a bumper sticker in my car window that says “NO NORMAL HUMANS ALLOWED” in both English and Japanese with the outline of one the most abnormal characters from one of my favorite Animes to show some flare. So please every one who reads this just accept me for my DREAM and just accept that is what I want to do. My BIG dream is to get it to Japan and meet a VERY CUTE Japanese Christian Girl and get married and possibly one day follow my dream of Japanese Ministry. And I’m not talking the preaching on the stage stuff. I talking work that will help someone else expand their ministry by giving them IT support. It surprises me some people still just do not believe I will carry out this DREAM. I fell like they are calling me loser and a failure before I can have the chance to decide for my self.

So I back from Florida and it went fine. I got a short breather from the craziness of work but yet I’m return to it yesterday. I fount out that my schedule it super crazy this month start with yesterday when came in expecting a 7:30 or 8:30 shift but no I got scheduled for 11:30 super surprising since I never had the chance to see the schedule before hand. At least my boss let my start earlier since I was there. But Wednesday though Saturday I will start at 11:30 like now I’m waiting for that magic 10:30 to come around so I can leave. Then I got to work Sunday for the first time ever at AT&T. then I have Monday and Tuesday off. I scheduled to work 11:30 the week of CHRISTmas including working CHRISTmas day. This is a insane month so please wish me luck.

I will post video of my Florida trip very soon. Stay Tuned!!!


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