Twenty Ten?

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Twenty Ten?



WOW… Some year 2009 was and it definably held up to the title of “Year of Growth and Gain”. So lets see this years title will be the “Year of Rewards and Discovery”. Yeah, Now that title gets me excited. Seeing that Japan MIGHT JUST MIGHT be coming in June just makes me leap for joy. I already have my two weeks of vacation saved up from my first 6 months then come June 12th I get an additional 2 weeks. I’m trying to plan that I can enjoy Japan for a very long time. So here comes REALITY. First I still have the burden of raising at least 4 THOUSAND DOLLARS, Second my parents suggestion [which i sorta agree] of a traveling buddy or at the very least someone I can visit/stay with while in Japan and Third Travel Plans. So continue to pray for me.

I just ordered my own customized Travel Guide for Japan.
Here is the link to my new guide:

On note with my job, Tomorrow I’m go for training on how to hang drops. When our union contract was renewed last year one of the new duties was to hang drop not get INR to do it for us. I’m actually going to the second part which is how to actually to hang the drop the first part is how to climb a telephone pole which we ask why because we are going to use a latter anyways. I asked why part 2 before part 1 I was told that they said it did not matter what order you go. I’m bummed that my class starts at 3:30 in the afternoon till midnight Monday though Tuesday and then Wednesday its 3:30 to 7:30. It will take me an hour and half to drive to the training center in Westmont. I’m amazed at how much effort my garage makes at keeping company asset at the garage but has no problem with you taking them home when it comes to you need them for training. I was told that in the past they would have the employees drive to the garage then drive there company truck to the training center. I’m glad I get paid for millage.


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