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Feb Update



I’m really excited that the possibility of Japan come right around the corner. I did my tax return the other day and got almost twice what I was expecting. Which is I huge boost to making this a reality. Just for the record I tried to contact someone at RJC to inquire if I can get in contact with people or organization that can help me with my passion. Long story short I finally got in contact with someone who asked me if I would be willing to volunteer to operate the Sound and Lighting for some Japanese Christian Conference the end of May in Elgin, Illinois. This sounds like a wonderful opportunity. They are suppose to give me more details as that come available.

Supposedly my family is planing a trip to Tennessee over July 4th but I’m unsure if I will be able to go if I end up in Japan but hey Japan is much for exciting. I’m a little concerned because if I am for sure going to go this June I should buy my plane ticket now but I still have no traveling companion nor all the money and I can not put this off because June is the only month that my Vacation Balances will be at the best allowing me the longest duration in Japan. If I get a planes ticket today it could be as low as $1000 but I wait til late April it could be as little as $1400 and as it gets closer to June the price will get higher and higher and might even sell out. Please continue to prey for me.

I heard from someone that donating frequent flyer miles to missionaries since most people never earn enough to take a trip but combine they do. Just a little side note and thought it was interesting.

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