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Small Things Add Up



I find it funny how thing just seem to add up and seem to become even bigger then one big…. thing.
Time goes by and a lot of small thing add up fast until it become time to post it on my blog about those things to the best of my knowledge. And you know now is one of those times.

For starters some good news. Ever since I filed my tax return and somehow had some extra money left over. I now have over $2500 of $5000 saved up for my trip to Japan. I get a grin on my face every time I see my savings balance. Now I need people to continue to prey for me because now I’m running to problems getting the time off. Because of my hired date my Vacation Balance will be the fullest around June 12th. So I thought I would go to Japan the entire month of June. But now I find out that the last two weeks in June are blacked out by the Company because of the end of second quarter and the first two weeks are already taken by employees. I talked to our Union Rep and he said that he said try to get special permission from our Regional Manager to allow me to get the month of June off anyways. But he said I would need a letter from a missions organization to confirm that I’m doing what I say I am. So it sounds like I have no choice but to go with an organization. But SEND International has not gotten back with me about the missions open coming this June for a assistant to a christian camp in Japan. If I get a hold of them I will post more details then. But basically I NEED TO TALK WITH THEM ASAP.

Now for the bad news. I am NOT working til next Monday………………………. because I got suspended again for something SUPER SUPER stupid. Super Long Story Short I was on my way to a customers house. On my way there I called the customer and the customer told me she was busy had some appointment babababa…. Basicly she wanted to rescheduling. After she said NOT to come I was already in front of the house. But since she already denied dispatch I called CRC (Customer Retention Center) to notify them and left to my next job. The only mistake on my end was not calling my Manager just to notify him. Where I got in trouble was about an hour later the customer called in and complained that I refused to do the work and said I just left. She claims she NEVER told me to reschedule. When I heard this I was speechless because I could not understand why they would say tell me to reschedule then call and say something else. When I told my boss that I called CRC he basically called me a lier without saying it. He pulled my phone records and in the investigation meeting had to ask me what the CRC phone number was. I told him and he looked at my phone records and I could see the look on his face when he saw I not lying about that. Few Days later he hands me a FIVE DAY Suspension for something this crazy. My union Stuart said she will fight this hard. I will update more about this later when I learn more. I just fell like my manager is out to get me.

On a little note I redrew my Anime Character a couple weeks ago with a new aspect and I think she looks more like an Anime Character.

I’m in the works of starting a Anime Content Review Website where I will judge Anime & Manga based on Christian point of view and list any profanity, lanaguage and more. I encourage people to give it a try and give me feedback. I’m also in the need of anyone who can help me contribute to the site. Visit it Here

Enjoy the rest of your day,
Joel Greene

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