Pole Climbing, Bucksqueeze and Ladders. Day 5 of 5

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Pole Climbing, Bucksqueeze and Ladders. Day 5 of 5



I am so glad this training is done with and passed. Last week we finally had preference (Garage Transfer Request) for us techs and today I found out half the people in my class had already got approved for transfers starting Monday. When we first were told this transfer would not go though until April 15th. It must be March 15th because Monday would be the 15th, maybe I was misinformed.

My first choice was Mokena and Second was Chicago Heights. Hope I get one of them.

Like I said I passed my class and was one of eighteen people who passed. We had twenty people, 4 instructors, 18 passed and 2 failed. One failed because of a titanium knee that bugged him climbing and the other failed because he believed the chemical they use to preserve telephone poles is cancerous. I would not be surprise if that was true but the fact we might rarely climb poles after this class the 5 days of contact should have a minor effect. Besides most I&R Techs have been climbing poles for decades and never got cancer or so I think.

– C4

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