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April 2010



Where do I even start with this post. So much to say but so tired at 1:30 in the morning. I know I will compile a list of subjects I want to touch on.

1. Job…. O-: Um, Lets just save this one for the end.
2. Japanese Conference.
3. Cell Phone.
4. Japan.
5. Life.

1. Japanese Conference.
As you might remember from my previous post I mentioned this Japanese Conference coming this May. Well, At this point I can say I’m not going to do it. I could not get the time off anyways but after some talk with someone in charge of volunteers I found out they wanted all attendees even volunteer who where not even going be able to enjoy the conference to payand I don’t mean the pay for a room and food, I mean the whole thing even the conference. I don’t have a problem to pay for a room and food. But hello I’m volunteering for it. You can’t expect someone to freely volunteer if they got to pay almost $200. So unless they offer to wave the conference fee, I out. Which I beat it will not happen.
2. Cell Phone.As I mentioned before I just upgraded my cell phone and I can report I’m still loving this phone. Couple things are annoying but hey far less then some of my past experiences.

3. Japan.
Japan looks like it is definitely in the fine print. Because I don’t see it happening till next year because of some big changes in my life that need to be leveled out until then.

A good Japanese TV Series I can suggest you should watch is “Myu No Anyo Papa Ni Ageru”. It’s a movie about a young father who contracts CIDP.

4. Life.
Firstly last week I twisted my angle then just this Tuesday twisted it a second time and man I tell you it really hurts. There, So if you were curious how much a twisted angle hurt you don’t have to wonder anymore because I already tried it for you and I give it a 7 out of 10 of the scale of survivable injuries. 1 being a paper cut and 1o being losing a limb or body part. Just Kidding.

Second we are coming up on us digging around our foundation to replace the drain tile because we have a massive flooding issue in the basement that might of mentioned before. (not to mention it was my room and I want it back.) We are doing it Wednesday, Tuesday and Friday. It will be a big task and I hope to post pictures after.

Third the Anime Convention is paid for and I’m ready for some fun. Others are still welcome you just have to pay the $55 at the convention for a weekend pass.

Next week I’m planing on working hard on developing our company because I’ve discovered I’m definitely not corporate material.
Well, I guess that brings me to my Job and well… I don’t want to go into detail but I can say Tony White my new manager really has become a great manager so far. He is much more encouraging then Jonas and is willing to get me what I need.

One thing I will say is I have been off work since April 3rd…….. The one job I was in that investigation I mentioned before was the catalysis and with out saying to much all I ask is everyone pray for me. I’m in a HUGH pickle and I need all the prayer I can get. Sorry for so little detail, I hope to say more in the future.


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