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Anime Central 2010



I attended Anime Central last weekend and I loved it.
Here are some pictures from the convention.
This guy was so funny he had camouflage pants on and a box on his head
with the sentence “Hows my sneaking attempt” written on the side.

Outside the restaurant in the back was a big hang out area for cosplayers.

This guy was dressed as a Pirate with pirate ship (Actually a wagon covered with card board)
Yes, This is really how big the Anime Market in America is getting.
This convention got 14,000 people last year and they predicted more this year.

Here is my list of everything I bought.
4. a pair of kitty ears
3. Dark Blue Cosplay Wig
2. DVD Series of “Karin”
1. Hand Forged and Clay Tempered Katana
(My uncle was impressed with the quality.)

This is my favorite picture from the whole event. This is four of six people I happen to met during lunch at the convention. The last day I went I forced my self to step out of my comfort zone and do stuff I never did before. Starting with wearing my yukata and a wig on Sunday. This big move allows me to say I have officially cosplayed… Anyways on top of that during lunch I was looking for a table to eat my piece of pizza and taking courage I walked up to four complete strangers and ask if I could join them. The girl on the lefts name is Ashley and she is cosplaying as Kallen from Code Geass, Her best friend Stephanie was dressed as CC (or C2) and then one of the guys were dressed as most likely Lelouch. Some how or other Politics came up and to my amazement the political view I heard where very similar to mine. I remember one girl saying her dad wants to buy a private island separate from the USA and declare war on the USA so they will come and invade then supply them with everything (Food, Security and Etc.). They had to be some of the most nicest people I had ever met.

One guy who wears a lot of nice cloths ended up accidentally dressing as Light from Death Note. He said he was walking though the convention and saw some guy wearing a white shirt and shaggy black hair trying to stare him down. He was getting annoyed and when he told his friends they said that guy was “L” from Death Note and he was his mortal enemy. That is when he discovered his accidental cosplaying.

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