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Fun in the Sun.



Well our Florida vacation has come and gone. I was a real blast. We went to Innesbrook a nice but old resort near St. Petersburg, FL, which of course is were I was born. Then we went to my grandparents house for a few days and finally enjoyed the Greene Family Farm in Tennessee for several days. I drove my car there and back with a trip of over 3000 miles and about 27 MPG on the highway. Excellent!!! Then over the weekend my grandparent came to our house. This was a big vacation.

The HCG Diet is bar none

I have been on the HCG Diet for about 30 days now and lost a total of 21 lbs. I’m down one pant and shirt size. I am very happy to finally start dropping weight. It would have been more if I did not cheat on my vacation but hey I almost had no choice. I am hoping to hit a least 30 lbs. by the end of this session in 10 days. Then at the end of August I definitely want to start a second session of this diet.

Did you know the Japanese drive on the left side of the road.

Today I had to go and get my Illinois Vehicle Emissions done and realized how happy I am of the improvement of the system because now all they have to do is pull in a cable read your vehicle codes and either pass or fail you. Then I realized that the Japanese don’t have it this easy because the Japanese Government requires vehicles to be tested much more intensively and they charge anywhere from $1000 to $1500 for a single test. In comparison to the costs of the shaken a full diagnostic inspection of the very same Japanese models in the U.S. may cost less than $100 USD (9,400 yen) or free (TAX MONEY) if you live in Illinois.

Entrance of the Emission Facility (Wait time visible on sign. Who is the Air Team?)

Waiting to be tested.


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