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As much as you probably know I have been off work since April, 2010 and it is probably safe to tell everyone that I was laid off from AT&T. During the past year I have been asking GOD why this stuff happens to me. I tell you, I feel like I have been though more hardship then what is really necessary. My family and I have become more involved with the Revival going on at World Revival Church in Kansas. (Not to mention the trip my family is taking to World Revival Church this weekend.) The other day I listened to a message by Pastor Steve Grey. He said that the fact hardship is present in your life is just a sign that GOD has not abandoned you and he still loves you. I have come to figure out I am like two people from the bible. First one being Joseph and the second being Abraham. I believe that my dream of Japan is similar to GOD’s promise to Abraham that he would give him a son and my hardship is similar to Joseph being betrayed. When I was younger I was always jealous of people who always got an easy pass to do what they thought they really wanted to do. I remember when we had are youth trips costing about $450 and I had to raise that money all by my self going door to door selling chocolate bars, but some kids parents would just whip out their check book and write a payment in full on several occasions. I have come to understand that I learn more from a experience simply because I worked very hard to get there. If you compare my current state to Josephs Path then this should be my last major fall and things should start to really look up.

To starting with, My dad informed me that his work is about to hire four new employees for Coffee Services (Dunkin’ Donuts Equipment Repair and Install Service) and since I have experience with service calls this job be a good choice for me. According to my dad, the Manager of Coffee Services personally requested I turn in a resume. I know both Steve (Coffee Service Manager) and Dave (Warehouse Manager) because last time I was unemployed I helped my dad with Equipment Deliveries to the stores. The only downside to this job is if I get hired I might have to relocate to around the Orlando, Florida Warehouse. But I believe if I get the job then moving will be good experience for me when Japan comes.

Hardships are sign of GODs love. | My dad works as a truck driver for Dunkin’ Donuts DCP.

It’s funny how perceptions work differently in different languages. If you’re below a certain age, the most famous Chinese name after Mao Zedong (or Mao Tse-Tung if you’re even older) is probably Chun Li, the cute fighting vixen from Street Fighter II who shouts “Yatta!” (“I did it!”) after she wins a fight. While the brains of English speakers labor over properly memorizing a strange-sounding name like Chun Li, which has no mental hooks for us to attach it with, Japanese have the benefit of being able to internalize the name using kanji characters. Because kanji names have meaning, Japanese might get the impression that Chun Li was a beautiful baby born in the spring, since the characters mean “Spring Beauty.”
Someone I am paraphasing this paragraph from said he has a house in Tierrasanta area of San Diego, and just for fun he asked his Japanese daughter what she thought the name might mean. Her answer was really cute: “It means Santa Claus wearing a tiara crown.”

I want to tell everyone that in my spare time I am building a website called GetPlugged :: Japan, Please visit it and support me by using it. Please cometinue to read my blog posts and pray for me.

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