Who ordered the popo plater?

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Who ordered the popo plater?



The best BBQ around.
I am finding it very unbelievable that when you do the right thing GOD rewards you in ways you would have never believed. For example when we were in Kansas City we visited Jack Stacks
BBQ and ordered two deserts after dinner. When we got the check the waiter forgot to add the deserts on. Being that the check was already very expensive we were tempted to take the easy way out and say nothing but being a good example we decided to notify the waiter. (Weird, The waiter responded with Sorry when Thank You would had been more in order.) Then we went on our marry way and enjoyed that nights revival message. The next morning my dad asked me to get McDonald for everyone while my they got ready for church. I had just ordered breakfast when a lady walked up to me and offered $20 to pay for our food. She claimed the she felt like GOD was telling her to give it to us. My mom is very good at spotting GODs blessings and she said this must have been because of us doing the right thing during dinner the night before. GODs blessings happen all the time and most of the time they are less noticeable that others. Regardless that I’m on unemployment and money is tight I always pay no less then 10% tithe to my church and I have seen blessings in my own life because of it. Weird as it is my budget has always magically balanced its self when I made sure that the tithe was paid but during other times when I would skip out on the tithe and for some reason would bounce a check or two. So I find it very important that we do the right thing and follow GODs commandments. Even if it has no effect on your entry into Heaven.

Prairie State College
To continue from my last post. People have been asking me what my test score were like at Prairie State College from the Compass Test. Well basically, I’m fine with pre-Algabra but need work with just Algabra (Math was and still is my least favorite subject). When I visited the councilor she sat me down and said that these result are weird because she has never seen someone get a 89 in Reading and 39 in Writing (on the computer part of the test) but because of such a good hand written essay, I was put in English 101 which the the highest level they can give you for this test. I am very happy with those results.
It is a bummer because of timing I missing out on the fall classes plus there was not to many I was interested in to begin with. In the mean time I’m applying for Financial Aid which is a pain because of Unemployment and I will apply for the spring classes on November 5th.
I am glad that Kevin Tabuchi in Canada with Canadian Revival Center is keeping contact. I got an e-mail from him and he told me that they have someone by the name Yoshi who is a exchange worker from Japan and is also in Revival Ministry Training. He said that Yoshi might be interested in me coming to Canada for a visit and experience their outreach to the Japanese and their revival in Saskatoon, Canada. But because of very little transportation options to Saskatoon it is about $600 oneway. So a trip to their church for almost a week would be about $2000 and that is a bit steep for me. I would really like to go because I could make connections with the Japanese Christian Ministry in Japan. Tabuchi-san already said they are planing a trip to Japan later this fall.

I just love this sort of stuff.
This week I found out that the Steve and Kathy show has finally got their own building for production and are starting production of a full feature length movie called Three Blind Saints. Sounds really funny. See the Facebook Fan Page Here.

Sold Out!!!
Well it has been six weeks now and I am excited to announce I am sold out. Possibly tomorrow I will go up north again and buy a second case. I never imagined how well this would sell. I was asked by someone who is the owner of two tie kwan do dojo in my area to sell Matcha in his shop area. I have already setup my display this last Monday and he has already sold two cans. WOW!
Next Thursday I am going out to Dyer to setup a display in his second location. Please visit my website for more information at http://www.getpluggedjapan.com or become a fan on Facebook.

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